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The availability of human organs.

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New York: 120,000 per year for human organs, changing from one to one basis. Most of them are kidneys. Because of the dangers of brain dead dear ones, the charity of the donor’s organs could be fitted to patients. However, hundreds of thousands of patients a year, of their organs and wait for the roots to die in a timely manner. Necessary for them to create artificial human organs? From long been the subject of experiments.

Artificially developed human tissue, kidneys, heart, liver rather than the eyes, nose, ears thought to be generated. Further research is now proceeding rapidly in that direction. Already by the human 3-D bioprinting technology, have created the ear, soon to say that the liver with renewable energy. Researchers say that a few years would be to print the kidney. The creation of complex organs such as the heart, however, said it would take some time.

Inkjet printers spray nozzles can be affected by the discovery of stem cells in human living in the year 2000 for the creation of human organs began to experiment. Another layer upon layer of human cells is now immersed in a living tissue, and they can grow, found 3-D printers can be created through the limbs. Already printed the human ear, the bones, the muscles were successful in placing the animals. Northwestern University in Chicago last year to create human ovary is equipped with a rat. This would also be reproduced.
A biotechnology company is part of China  create artificial arteries successfully launched a monkey. San Diego as well as by the company’s human stem cells to create artificial liver in mice was successfully introduced last month. Now it is working successfully. In humans, says it will soon introduce the victory. In the case of the 300 billion dollars this year alone, the United States is also estimated that business.

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