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Samsung Group, the massive setback.

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Electronic giant Samsung, the company suffered a severe setback. J. Lee, chief of the group was arrested. South Korean President Park gyun-haini role in the corruption scandal that led to the censure, he was arrested on charges. Seoul Detention Center, he was detained by police. The trial court had on him all day long. However, the trial lasted a total mystery. Grouped in two main divisions of the company, to take over from his father, Lee Kun Hee, also took the government to support the allegation Jay lipai. It has became a large amount of arms. Lee’s arrest, sudden collapse of Samsung shares.

Last month, prosecutors in the court to apply for Jay Lee were arrested, the court rejected it. Jay then President Park Sang-Jin Lee, and even bribes sansanga electronics, and other charges of seeking a special prosecutor to arrest up again filed a petition in court. Korea, however, refused to permit the court to the arrest of Park, who is also the president of the Equestrian Federation. The court said it wants more evidence to arrest him.

However, they did not commit any mistakes, along with Jay Lee also said Samsung did not pay bribes. We will make all efforts to bring to light the facts of the trial court, the company said in a statement. However, Lee was arrested and daily activities of the Samsung Group companies will not be any trouble.

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