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Rules change for surveillance on Facebook …

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Facebook has tightened its rules. Facebook, Instagram, collect information, based on the intelligence agencies, which they could not get banned. Social media monitoring companies and individuals through the information gathered by law enforcement agencies .. recently identified as the target. Some even say that it was the target of racism in some countries. However, this now completely abandoned for the purposes of intelligence information through Facebook, the company said. The ‘intelligence’ that is not fully explain.

There are some of the types of tools to monitor the Facebook postings. Who can use these postings are to be observed. These tools are widely used in countries like the US intelligence agencies. For this purpose, since 2010, approx. 40 crores. However, many people do not know that they are posting information… Without such difficulties in order to keep the common people, and now Facebook has changed its policy entirely. The requirements imposed for the use of intelligence information. And to make use of tools for surveillance of its platform to developers and they are already taking measures to Facebook said in a blog post.

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