Monday, July 16th, 2018

‘One China Policy’ to have close ties with Taiwan.

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India’s parliamentary meeting with representatives of the media in Taiwan, China cracked. One China policy of trying to raise China’s relations with Taiwan and India against the newspaper the Global Times said. Donald Trump is also an anti-China policy of the American president’s policies, while avoiding provocative .. India rebuked how the fire. India, Taiwan, South China Sea, the Dalai Lama looking to exploit the problems of China People’s Daily newspaper said. They are seen to take the issue seriously and has warned that Taiwan will lose.

Relations with India, in December last year after the formation of the government trying to raise Taiwan. Taiwan is not the Indian Embassy. India-Taipei Association continue only by the political and business relationships. India is not only one of many countries .. ‘One China Policy’ to have close ties with Taiwan.

China-Pakistan economic corridor which passes through Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, India is trying to prevent the People’s Daily newspaper published without any evidence.  India is gradually increasing investment in Taiwan.

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