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.. Love Valentine’s Day is a Scam!

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Sydney: Valentine’s Day  the wakeup call for three countries. Beware of online fraud. Alone modules that are aimed at them to prevent them from mistreating Australia, Malaysia and Singapore have been associated countries. .. Especially with this kind of online fraud Australian residents over the age of 40, it was found that they had a huge pockets of the shell. Australian police said the money sent away  love with life they need to be careful on the eve of Valentine’s Day.

Nigerian pioneered this style of committing fraud. In this regard, through the merger of three of the countries in which they killed 27 people to take control of the gang, who is Nigerian, was 11. Talking on the phone with them, face to face with the cheaters caught in the trap, do not like to visit.So far, 108 people who were deceived to the tune of around 5 million dollars was recovered. Singapore 43 victims, 65 were headed by Malaysia.

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