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Kim autopsy is done, and how? Fire in North Korea

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SEOUL: North Korea ruddy in Malaysia. Ten days after the murder of the brother of the President of the country in response to the post-mortem of the dead, he completely illegal conduct, described as immoral act. North Korea leader Kim Jong Un’s brother (the stepmother’s son) Kim Jong Nam, Malaysia Airport was dead by lethal attack. However, as soon as the dead, giving them the information, and assign the body to Malaysia to organize a post-mortem of the North Korean media, the Jurist Committee Supdt.

‘Autopsy, forensic pariksavanti unethical, illegal activities in Malaysia after North Korea said it would give the body of Nam. In addition, the family of the dead person, the body of another person’s DNA that is necessary to give it saripolitene said. Malaysia  watching the developments in this case appears to be in politics, “he accused North Korea. On the other hand, Kim Nam brother that the Malaysian authorities to investigate the murder credits that, these days,South Korea, North Korea responded to the queries.

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