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Jubaland regional government of somalia sentenced 7 young men who tried to protect their land (VIDEO)

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Three months before these young men visited their family lived near kismayo who are farmers and living in the farm.

The young men reached the farms and saw thier family facing assaulting and beating from the malitia of ogaden clan who are sent by the company of lives-stock who wanted to claim and loot these farms of the manority people.
The young men who were part of the army of jubaland defended their land from the malitia of lives-stock company who promised income share to the ogaden clan who are in search and loot the surrounding farms of kismayo city.

On the 30th of january the tribunal court ruled 3 years jail for each of them to serve. The 7 men were accused that they attacked gaurds of the government land and wounded 2 of the gaurds.

Watch the illigitimate court rule against that 7 young men.

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