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Ice Library in Russia..Snow that literally litter.

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. There is a large lake in the south of Siberia in Russia under the name of Baikal. Recently there ‘Ice Library of Wonders’, a library was set up in the snow.

420 200 tons of ice was almost life-size panels in March. Anyone in any corner of the world last year, stating that the project of their dreams, aspirations briefly sent in the form of words to announce publishing. .. Lots of people have nothing. English, Chinese, Korean languages, received the sentences carved almost.There are currently hundreds of wishes inscribed in the ice library from people all over the world, from as far as China and France, according to the website. The dreams are all written in their original language.

The project is designed to encourage tourism to Lake Baikal, not just in winter, but year round. The library however, will only stand until it melts. More lines will send the June 28 date, which drives the local tourism development library spokesman Maxim,  snow Library librarian said. Despite the banality of mass related to the idea of ​​ice plates, Idea little disappointed in this gossiping because its just a matter of two to three months. .. Lake Baikal and the snow starts to put the dissolution of April comes!


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