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Effect of Trump’s VISA BAN Decision on Indian and American IT Companies

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Due to this VISA BAN decision of the President Donald Trump, there will be a great impact on the US IT Sector. Every year number of visas were issued to Indian techies to work in US IT Sector which usually have the vacancies upto one million. But now US firms will not be able to hire the Software Engineers  from India. US firms are ready to stand strongly against the government.

For most of the IT companies US is the source of generating revenue and Indian Engineers used to give cost-effective work to US which is good for US economy , but now the workers will demand higher salary for visa issue and hence it will reduce the number of workers  who will fly to US from India.

America is highly competitive and efficient in every way because of the IT Services provided by the IT companies. There are one million of job vacancies in US which if not get filled may cause adverse effects on US economy and US IT sector may face heavy loss as well.

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