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Donald Trump, the calculation is wrong!

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WASHINGTON: The US presidential election campaign, the Mexican-American border to construct the wall, so that the current President of the United States as a barrier to cut ties with Donald Trump. Trump is currently taking steps in that direction .. The cost of boundary wall at the back is reduced. The prestige of the building to be constructed on the border of Mexico and 21.6 billion US dollars (about Rs .1.44 lakh crore in Indian currency) has been estimated to cost the authorities.

Prevent migration from Mexico to the United States Trump promised to construct ‘Great Wall’. The cost of the building at the time of the election of nearly 12 billion dollars (Rs 80 crore in Indian currency) would be expected to trump. Mexico also demanded a share of the cost for their country. The Mexican President Enrique Penama neato was denied. Previously Head of the Lok Martin F -35 fighter jets in the 90 to 600 million… Trump signed a contract. Thinking of the economic problems it is expected to reduce the cost of the great wall.

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