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Dog cage with ten kilos of heroin

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New York: Ten kg of heroin in dog cage, police caught two men trying to move the clandestine heroin. Samuel sibruks area of ​​the Bronx (35),  Morales (27), drug trafficking, making it in New York.

According to the police .. sibruks, both betankort Morales met Friday night at a hotel in the Bronx. Both Parcel Service counters in different vehicles arrived at New York Kennedy airports. Puerto Rico, including the Labrador breed dog from the cage is to take the parcel. For this purpose, Morales came in first at the counter signed betankort, tisukoboyadu parcel. However, surveillance of their movements, they kept tabs ..  luggage was checked.

Protective cases, especially in the bottom of the test dog saw on the shelf of the ten kilos of heroin found hidden in ten potlallo. The two were taken into custody investigation. From anywhere, from whom to buy and  are aware of the work. Bringing illegal drugs into the country nearly 20 years in prison for a crime that they were under the Queens District Attorney’s office said there was no chance.

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