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Discrimination are the top !!

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Jordan then aggravated racial discrimination in India
– 43.5 per cent going to tolerate their neighbors of a different race
– Developing countries to increase racial communities
– Developed Western countries is less discrimination, tolerance more
– A global “World Value Survey” survey reveals

► 6.20 million, racism, racism, nationalism, imperialism, caste systems across the world during the last century the number of human lives kolpayina.

► 2.2 million, racism, wars, crises, to leave their homes as refugees in the world today  the number of human beings.

“The man and his immediate recognition of the value of the shrinkage that Rohit Verma announced in his suicide note. Yes .. fellow man, as a man of the people has become a very rare thing to find. Fellow man, race, caste, religion, region, gender, color, depending on the value of the decision of the general  worldwide. Another species is a species .. .. one caste to another caste, one tribe to another tribe, one religion to another religion .. .. .. hate and discrimination, not only in India thrives in the world. If the discrimination  level. But the nations of the world .. this discrimination in the country, according to a study recently conducted internationally… much discrimination in Jordan a little more glamorous. “They are a different breed to your porugintlo like?” In short, the question of whether the details of the survey conducted by the …

Intolerance towards other species in the developing countries, there is racial discrimination in the world, says the study of social attitudes. Jordan topped the list, if this is .. India in second place. 51.4 per cent of Jordan expressed a different breed of people unwilling to live in the neighborhood. After that, 43.5 per cent of India’s neighbors are reluctant to accept them as a different breed. In developed countries, especially in Western countries, racism is less, there is more on the attitude of the different nationalities, it was agreed upon.
Discriminatory policies, led by Donald Trump to win the presidential election in the United States .. ..  different breed them as their neighbors, their number has fallen to only 3.8 per cent. .. As well as Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, they are similar in people with fewer than five per cent. They are more out sahanasila societies. “World Value Survey” in the name of the 80 countries surveyed for three decades. The details of the study in 2013 and again in 2016, it said ..

In particular, according to a study by the World Value Survey is discrimination according to this map …
► 0% to 4.9%, from the US, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Guatemala, the UK, Sweden, Norway, Latvia, Australia, New Zealand

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