Wednesday, May 23rd, 2018


One cigarette causes $1 million in damages on southeast side

Four buildings were caught up in a blaze that start at 193 Avenue and 67 Street. Source: Globalnews


Arrest made in connection with groping incidents in downtown Winnipeg

An arrest has been made in connection with a string of groping incidents recently reported in downtown Winnipeg, police said on ...

Man seriously injured after being stabbed in downtown Calgary

Police are investigating after a man was seriously injured after being stabbed in central Calgary on Tuesday evening. Source: Globalnews

Having fun is the point for Thousand Islands Minor Football League

Minor football is thriving in the Kingston area, thanks to the Thousand Islands League. Source: Globalnews

After planning Royal Wedding party at home, Surrey woman hops on plane to UK to see it in person

Donna Moore was planning to host a Royal Wedding party at her Surrey home. But days before Prince Harry and Meghan ...

Man sent to hospital after brush fire south of Calgary

While most of the fire was concentrated to one acreage, Foothills Fire Chief Jim Smith said the wind caused the blaze ...

Langley firefighters rescue 1,000-pound steer that fell into koi pond

The bovine fell into the water after wandering into a neighbour's yard. Source: Globalnews

Amazon is selling ‘authoritarian surveillance’ tech to police, civil rights groups want it to stop

In emails sent between Amazon employees, Amazon claims its product can search against databases holding millions of faces and can identify ...

Competitors in Hong Kong race up 14-metre-high bun tower

Contestants took part in a bun-scrambling competition, where they raced up a 14-metre bamboo tower to snatch as many plastic buns ...

RCMP to receive new training on how to detect drug-impaired driving

As the Liberal government inches closer to legalizing marijuana, the RCMP is updating it’s training for officers to detect impaired driving. Source: ...

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Trevor Bauer Wrote "BD 911" On The Mound Before His Start [Update]

May 23, 2018
Trevor Bauer, the Indians pitcher who loves both funny numbers and casually suggesting conspiracy theories, wrote “BD 911” ...

The Rockets Are Short-Circuiting

May 23, 2018
One of the coldest, most ruthlessly efficient scorers in the NBA froze up on a wide-open three that ...

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Will Open Summer 2019 at Disneyland

May 23, 2018
Opening day for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disney theme parks in the US is getting closer and ...

Report: Nick Foles Turned Down Browns Starting QB Job To Remain Eagles Back-Up

May 23, 2018
Reigning Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles will still be stuck as the Eagles’ back-up QB heading into next ...

José Bautista Is Somehow Hitting Fifth For The Mets Tonight

May 23, 2018
Just a few days after the Atlanta Braves told José Bautista that he was too washed up to ...

Lawsuit: Texans Cheer Coach Cut Cheerleaders Who Spoke Out To HR

May 23, 2018
An anonymous former cheerleader for the Houston Texans has filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against the Texans and ...

Jets Trade: Christian Hackenberg, Never Used

May 22, 2018
Christian Hackenberg, who really is capable of breaking a huddle, was traded this afternoon from the Jets to ...

Blue Jackets Prospect Who Thought He Had Serious Disease Instead Crapped Out 25-Inch Tapeworm

May 22, 2018
Columbus Blue Jackets prospect and former Miami (Ohio) hockey player Carson Meyer might look really tired in the ...

The 10 Best Deals of May 22, 2018

May 22, 2018
We see a lot of deals around the web over on Kinja Deals, but these were our ten ...

Rich Hill Wants To Pitch With Tape On His Finger So He Doesn't Have To Pee On It

May 22, 2018
To scroll through photos of Rich Hill pitching is to see a man who appears to be in ...

Man Nonchalantly Pisses On Plane Seat And Himself

May 22, 2018
A passenger on a Frontier Airlines flight from Denver to Charleston, S.C. Thursday was arrested and charged after ...

Does MLS Still Suck Ass? An Investigation

May 22, 2018
Here are the L.A. Galaxy, historically MLS’s premier outfit, the team that currently employs the league’s most high-profile ...

Tennis Player's Meltdown Ends With Smashed Racket And "Broken" Banana

May 22, 2018
One tennis player’s violent racket-smashing meltdown at Sunday’s ATP Challenger final in Busan, Korea had devastating consequences ...

Japanese College Football World Rocked After Player Reveals He Was Ordered To Injure Opposing QB

May 22, 2018
A single dirty hit in a college football game three weeks ago has become a such a scandal ...

So Who Is Barstool's PFT Commenter? 

May 22, 2018
Every so often, some publication or other—often a fancy one—will run a fawning profile of PFT Commenter, the ...

Save Up to 70% on Everything Your Home Needs from Wayfair's Memorial Day Sale

May 22, 2018
Memorial Day weekend is coming up, and that means pretty much everything on Wayfair is on sale this ...

One Mountain Biker Dead, Another Injured After Scariest Possible Cougar Attack

May 21, 2018
On Saturday, two men were mountain biking about 30 miles east of Seattle in the foothills of the ...

Mike Trout Is Running Again

May 21, 2018
Mike Trout’s greatness is all-encompassing and unrelenting. There are no holes to be poked in it, and no ...

Monday's Best Deals: Camping Gear Sale, Portable Projector, Simplehuman Trash Can, and More

May 21, 2018
Save big on Coleman camping gear, a portable projector, a trash can that isn’t garbage, and a whole ...

Gizmodo OnePlus 6 Review: The Best Android Phone That Won’t Destroy Your Finances | Jalopnik The 201

May 21, 2018
Gizmodo OnePlus 6 Review: The Best Android Phone That Won’t Destroy Your Finances | Jalopnik The 2019 Subaru Ascent Is ...