Wednesday, September 20th, 2017


City of Vancouver to vote on $3.3 million facelift for Kits Pool

The city says the four-decade-old pool is badly in need of rehabilitation. Source: Globalnews


Surveillance video captures gas thief in Burnaby drilling hole into vehicle’s fuel tank

"The amount of gas, maybe 20 bucks, that he took... he caused a few thousand dollars worth of damage." Source: Globalnews

A Republican told Kimmel he supports health care for all. But he lied, Kimmel claims

He accused the senator of "lying right to my face." Source: Globalnews

Donald Trump’s long Twitter history with Emmys continues

Donald Trump has a long history with the Emmy Awards. Source: Globalnews

Fire in tent on ‘Whalley Strip’ leaves two homeless people with serious burns

City officials are now checking other tents in the area to ensure others aren't using propane. Source: Globalnews

B.C. holds off on legislation targeting stoned drivers

B.C. won't follow Ontario's lead on new legislation cracking down on pot-impaired drivers — for now. Source: Globalnews

Edmonton Oilers coach believes NHL crackdown on slashing will see McDavid draw more penalties

The National Hockey League's preseason is already underway and with just over two weeks until the regular season begins, the Edmonton ...

Marrisa Shen homicide investigation has investigators pleading for patience

"We appreciate the frustration and how there are many unanswered questions in regards to Marrisa's death. We're working tirelessly to try ...

OPP set to announce charges after ‘mob of motorcycles’ weaved through Toronto-area traffic

Ontario Provincial Police said in a statement that officers "will announce numerous Criminal Code and Highway Traffic Act charges against several ...

1 of Texas’ 10 Most Wanted fugitives busted after posting ‘location on Instagram live’

Christopher Ricardo Gonzalez was named to Texas’ Most Wanted list in August. Source: Globalnews

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Giants' Brian Sabean: "We Realized How Tough It Is To Win A Major-League Game"

September 20, 2017
The Giants’ year has been a miserable and seemingly interminable slog of suck, a mess of bad baseball ...

Ravens Deface Queen Before Invasion Of London

September 20, 2017
What better way for the Ravens to prepare for their upcoming game in London than to tweet out ...

Alex Gordon Smashes The MLB Dong Record With Over A Week To Spare

September 20, 2017
By the time September rolled around, it became a question of when, not if, MLB’s 17-year-old collective single-season ...

Group Of 45 Magnum, P.I.s Kicked Out Of Tigers Game For Alleged Catcalling

September 20, 2017
Your bachelor party is supposed to be special. Your bachelor party is supposed to be yours. Do not ...

Shocking! Jackie Bradley Jr. Makes Another Cool Catch

September 20, 2017
Watching the Red Sox is quickly desensitizing me to most great plays (Andrew Benintendi already had a stellar ...

Virginia Union Coach, Player Slap Phones Out Of Reporters' Hands

September 20, 2017
Virginia Union coach Mark James apologized to a journalist after one of his players slapped a phone out ...

NASL Sues U.S. Soccer For Booting League Out Of Second Division

September 20, 2017
On the heels of US Soccer revoking the North American Soccer League’s Division 2 status for 2018, the ...

L.A. Mayor Says City Would Have Been Happy Without The Chargers

September 20, 2017
The Los Angeles Chargers are back in town and nobody gives a shit. They can’t even sell out ...

Tottenham Fans Make A Very … Interesting Lion King-Inspired Music Video

September 20, 2017
So this video. It sure is something. Specifically, it is a group of Tottenham fans performing their Spurs-themed ...

Copa MX Matches Postponed After Devastating Earthquake Rocks Mexico

September 19, 2017
Soccer leagues around the world held matches for their respective domestic cups today. German, Spanish, and English teams ...

What Is Mother! About?

September 19, 2017
Here’s a question: Should you go see Mother!, the new, polarizing, bearshit-insane film written and directed by Darren ...

Report: NFL Line Judge Under Investigation For Domestic Violence

September 19, 2017
NFL line judge and former VP of Officiating Carl Johnson is reportedly under police investigation in Louisiana for ...

Kevin Durant Says It Was "Childish" And "Idiotic" To Rip Former Coach And Teammates

September 19, 2017
Yesterday, Kevin Durant, a tall, expensive shoe who gets revenge on the haters by boasting about how you ...

BioLite Made an Awesome FirePit, and You Can Save By Preordering

September 19, 2017
BioLite, maker of our favorite camping stoves and lighting, is back with a FirePit we’ve been psyched about ...

NBA 2K18 Is Riddled With Microtransactions

September 19, 2017
The latest game in the NBA 2K series is frustrating to play if you don’t want to spend ...

Finally, There Will Be Pro Wrestling On A Cruise Ship

September 19, 2017
Theme cruises are popular. The website Theme Cruise Finder lists more than 500 upcoming cruises, in categories ranging ...

Baseball Team Cruelly Loses Game Eight Innings After Celebrating Championship

September 19, 2017
At least the Wichita Wingnuts got to savor the taste of victory, as they streamed out of the ...

What Amazing Sports Plays Are No Longer Special?

September 19, 2017
Time for your weekly edition of the Deadspin Funbag. Got something on your mind? Email the Funbag. Today, ...

Destiny 2: The Kotaku Review

September 19, 2017
As I struggle to fall asleep after a night of Destiny 2, the game keeps running through my ...

Report: Wheaton College Football Players Hazed Freshman In 2016, Still Played This Season

September 19, 2017
Five Wheaton College (Ill.) football players, including the son of Fox Sports football analyst Chris Spielman, were charged ...