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Attack on Parliament.. British police arrested seven people

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London: British police have arrested seven people in connection with the attack on Parliament in the preparation for the event. As part of the trial of the seven suspects have been detained, police said. This is the London-based Counter Terrorism Division, said a senior official Mark Rowley. The destruction of the car to create a bridge to the River Thames, about 40 people were injured after the assailant approached directly into the Parliament had Railing. Trying to go to the Parliament after the killing of a police officer shot and killed after the forces.

Mark Rowley revealed the latest details regarding this event .. London, Birmingham galimpulu undertake part of the investigation. Was this an attack was being planned at the behest of their being different. However, international terrorism alone  believe this attack is going to come down. That there is much more at this time. Said four were killed in the attack, including the assailant… they belong to different areas, not to mention their details. Currently, 29 people are being treated at various hospitals. Seven of them said the situation was critical.

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