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Additional fees, there is no refund

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New Delhi: mail, express trains, such as the normal ticket booked passengers from April 1, Rajdhani, Shatabdi trains can get the opportunity to travel. According to this plan … the hope of a new railway entered on the list of travelers who are passing through the same route, given the alternative trains berths. The difference between the two charges no fees to take the passenger, a refund will not be given. “Vikalpga known to avail this facility at the time of ticket bukcesukune traveler to choose this option.

After the conclusion of the alternate seat on the train comes to a message on his mobile. The main lines of premium trains Rajdhani, Shatabdi, Duronto, as suvidha aims to fill the empty, leaving Bertha undertake this program. This scheme is a positive action that passenger, seat khararuceyadanto those on waiting lists, along with a couple of goals to make the most of the available Bertha neraveratayani senior railway official said.

Due to various reasons, the cancellation of tickets by the railways in the form of a refund of Rs .7500 crore annually losing. After the introduction of flexi-fare policy premium trains, some berths are empty. At the same time e-mail and express trains berths can not find a lot of people because of high demand. Delhi-Lucknow, Delhi-Jammu and Delhi-Mumbai routes, such as the policy is being implemented from November 1.
Lancku Rs 30 to Rs 50 for breakfast ..
NEW DELHI: Railways trains being supplied to the table to launch food prices. Food, beverages vasulucestunna inferior materials, such as serving as the high cost of passenger complaints that arose in the wake of the catering services price card embodying said. … Breakfast-which Rs 30, Rs 35 nanvej breakfast, lunch, dinner (veg) ru 50, nanvej Lunch, Dinner-Rs 55, pyakejd Drinking Water (1 Lee.) – Rs 15, coffee , TV decided to Rs 7. If more than the price specified in the list of the vendors in the report indicated that the railway passengers. Tuesday, representatives of the food industry, government agencies, self-help groups, railway officials following a meeting of the roundtable was also released a video to show the prices of food items.

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