Friday, April 20th, 2018

April 2018

What does 4/20 mean after cannabis legalization in Canada?

A cloud of smoke will rise above Canadian cities at precisely 4:20 p.m., in what traditionally has been a celebration of pot use and a call ...

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Rick Zamperin: Joe Montford joins Ticats Wall of Honour… finally

On Aug. 23, Joe Montford's name and No. 53 will be added to the Ticats Wall of Honour. Source: Globalnews

US: Arizona teachers vote for first-ever statewide strike

The vote to strike comes amid a growing movement of educators demanding better pay and increased funding for US schools. Source: Aljazeera

Swaziland:Swazi King Announces Change to Country Name

[allAfrica] Cape Town -King Mswati III has announced that Swaziland's name has been changed to 'eSwatini', Al Jazeera reports. Source: ALLAFRICA

Metro Vancouver water restrictions will kick in two weeks early

Stage 1 water restrictions will be implemented two weeks early this year. Source: Globalnews

Libya:The Problem with Creating Unity

[ISS] Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, the strongman who is widely regarded as the most important player in the overcrowded cast of ...

Alabama executes Walter Moody, 83, oldest in modern US history

Moody's age reflects the aging of death row across the US, where almost 3,000 people are to be executed. Source: Aljazeera

Ethiopia:A Nation in Need of a New Story

[African Arguments] The kings told a story. Meles told a story. Abiy needs to tell one too. Source: ALLAFRICA

S Africa's Ramaphosa cuts short UK trip over violent protests

The South African president returned home a day early after violent clashes broke out in North West province. Source: Aljazeera

Meet the Palestinian women at the forefront of Gaza's protests

In socially conservative Gaza, women have been leading the Great Return March movement, uniting all Palestinians. Source: Aljazeera

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Matt Harvey, Who Increasingly Does Not Appear To Be A Starting Pitcher: "I'm A Starting Pitcher"

April 20, 2018
Matt Harvey went six innings tonight for the first time since last May; ideally, that should be reason ...

The NFL Schedule Looks Great, If You Don't Think About The Many Unpredictable Injuries That Will Render Games Unwatchable

April 20, 2018
Big day, folks: The 2018 NFL schedule is here. Monday Night Football will now start 15 minutes earlier! ...

Is Joel Embiid's Mask More Superhero Or Supervillain?  

April 20, 2018
After missing a few weeks with a concussion and an orbital fracture, Joel Embiid is finally back on ...

The Dumbest Things We Got Past Overwatch's Custom Jersey Censor

April 20, 2018
Just like in every other sports league, you can now make your own custom Overwatch League jerseys, and ...

Mariners Turn Triple Play After Evan Gattis Forgets How Many Outs There Are

April 19, 2018
The Mariners fortuitously escaped a jam in the fourth inning against the Astros today when Houston’s Evan Gattis ...

It's Impossible To Take A Bad Photo At The Monte Carlo Masters

April 19, 2018
Novak Djokovic lost today to Dominic Thiem. It went three sets. Nice match. Wouldn’t have been able to ...

The 10 Best Deals of April 19, 2018

April 19, 2018
We see a lot of deals around the web over on Kinja Deals, but these were our ten ...

Lance Armstrong Settles $100 Million Federal Lawsuit For $5 Million

April 19, 2018
Lance Armstrong can finally rest easy. Eight years after former teammate Floyd Landis filed a federal False Claims ...

MMA Announcer Fucks Up Fight Decision Not Once, But Twice In The Span Of 15 Seconds

April 19, 2018
David Booker won a decision against Elijah Terrell last night at regional MMA event Alaska Fighting Championship 139, ...

Grab 30% Off Cole Haan ZERØGRAND's and More 

April 19, 2018
If reliability is something you crave in a pair of shoes (if it isn’t, you may need to ...

Seriously, What The Hell Are The Minnesota Timberwolves Doing?

April 19, 2018
In Game 1 of the Rockets-Timberwolves series, the eighth-seeded Wolves lost in no small part because they inexplicably ...

Scottie Pippen Wants His Stolen Tractors Back

April 19, 2018
Authorities suspect a thief stole two tractors with a total worth of $50,000 from Basketball Hall of Famer ...

Q&A: Des Linden Explains How She Won The Boston Marathon

April 19, 2018
On Monday, Des Linden became the first American woman to win the Boston Marathon in 33 years. For ...

The Wizards Of Aughts: The Post-Millennium Washington Wizards And The Bloggers Who Immortalized Them

April 19, 2018
The late-model Washington Wizards are broadly competent, secretly mediocre, spotty, and more boring than they are not. They ...

I’m Getting Pretty Fed The Fuck Up With James Comey

April 19, 2018
Former FBI director and self-appointed beacon of rectitude James Comey is currently in the midst of barnstorming the ...

Thursday's Best Deals: MacBooks, Over-Ear Wireless Headphones, Warm Water Bidet, and More

April 19, 2018
Stop flushing your money down the drain and save a little on travel-friendly MacBooks, over-ear wireless headphones, a ...

LeBron James Says He Wasn't Blindsided By TNT Reporter Asking Him About Erin Popovich

April 19, 2018
After the Cleveland Cavaliers won last night to level their series against the Pacers at one game apiece, ...

The Time Has Come For Carmelo Anthony To Hit Some Damn Shots

April 19, 2018
For all the handwringing over Russell Westbrook’s stat-chasing and shot selection, and over Paul George’s occasional listlessness, an ...

Treat Your Tush To a Dual-Nozzle, Warm Water Bidet For Just $52 [Exclusive]

April 19, 2018
There are $20 bidets, and bidets that cost as much as a mortgage payment, but today’s deal seems ...

Treat Yourself to a Travel-Friendly 12" MacBook Starting at $780

April 19, 2018
Apple’s 12" MacBook is one of the thinnest and most travel-friendly laptops out there, and you can get ...