Saturday, July 21st, 2018

November 2017

New exhibit at Army Museum commemorates Halifax Explosion centennial

A watchman’s clock - frozen at the time of the Halifax Explosion - is one of the items on display. Source: Globalnews

More From November 2017

Vote for the candidate without a penis, Michigan AG hopeful urges in campaign

A potential candidate for attorney general in Michigan is urging people to vote for her specifically because she doesn’t have a ...

Alberta Finance Minister Joe Ceci on provincial sales tax: ‘That’s not on’

Talk of an Alberta provincial sales tax is a non-starter for Finance Minister Joe Ceci. Source: Globalnews

Winnipeg man wanted for 2nd degree murder now in custody

A man wanted in connection with a Point Douglas homicide in July is now in police custody. Source: Globalnews

The Kinja Deals Gift Guide: 100 Genuinely Useful Stocking Stuffers For Under $20

The further you get down your holiday shopping list, the harder it is to find good gifts. But these stocking stuffer ...

Here's The Weird Song James Dolan Wrote For The Deadspin Awards

Our own Dave McKenna wrote a profile of James Dolan last year, and so he has Dolan’s contact information. Half-jokingly, we ...

Are US and North Korea on the verge of nuclear war?

Yet more calls for sanctions and isolation following the latest ballistic missile test by North Korea. Source: Aljazeera

Palestinian farmer shot dead by Israeli settler

Palestinian man, 47, was working the land in Qusra village with his six-year-old son when he was shot. Source: Aljazeera

Duke Is … Actually Kind Of Fun?

The Indiana Hoosiers played the absolute best game they could against Duke last night. They shot 50.8 percent from the field ...

The NFL’s Quarterback Middle Class Is Dying

Drew Magary’s Thursday Afternoon NFL Dick Joke Jamboroo runs every Thursday during the NFL season. Email Drew here. Buy his book ...

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Giants Co-Owner Burns Donald Trump, Says Giants Players Will Not Be Punished For Any Anthem Protests

July 21, 2018
Giants co-owner Steve Tisch told The Hollywood Reporter this week that Giants players who demonstrate against police brutality ...

By "Stay In Europe," Nemanja Bjelica Meant "Play For The Sacramento Kings"

July 21, 2018
So it turns out Nemanja Bjelica’s sudden resolve to play in Europe this season was only good for ...

Saturday's Best Deals: OLED TVs, No Man's Sky, UE MEGABOOM, and More

July 21, 2018
Kick off the weekend with an affordable basketball hoop, a fantastic vacuum, OLED TVs, and a whole lot ...

Of Course The Lakers Signed Michael Beasley

July 20, 2018
In a move that is both delightfully absurd and absolutely no surprise, the Los Angeles Lakers signed free-agent ...

The 10 Best Deals of July 20, 2018

July 20, 2018
We see a lot of deals around the web over on Kinja Deals, but these were our ten ...

Over 100 Former Ohio State Student Athletes Allege Sexual Misconduct by Deceased Team Doctor 

July 20, 2018
The sexual abuse investigation revolving around former Ohio State University professor and team doctor Dr. Richard H. Strauss ...

Darrelle Revis Was Too Great To Be Seen

July 20, 2018
If I had to pick a play that best summed up what Darrelle Revis could do as the ...

Raptors GM Masai Ujiri Is Sorry For "Miscommunication" With DeMar DeRozan

July 20, 2018
Management, especially in a volatile industry like professional basketball, will say and do a lot of shit to ...

Amazon Has the NES Classic In Stock For $60, With Delivery As Soon As Tomorrow

July 20, 2018
Update: Now available on Amazon as well, with delivery as soon as tomorrow! It’s going to go fast ...

Dead Letters: Special All–Papa John Edition

July 20, 2018
Welcome back to Dead Letters, the feature in which we reprint our favorite reader mail. We should take ...

Don't Hold the Door Open From Too Far Away

July 20, 2018
Sometimes you’re out in public and someone walks through a door ahead of you and because they want ...

Former UFC Fighters Hint At Some Dana White Rumors

July 20, 2018
Iron-fisted UFC boss Dana White has spent the last week feuding with former UFC heavyweight and current comedy ...

What Should We Call The Lakers' Answer To The Warriors' Death Lineup?

July 20, 2018
The Lakers are going to be much, much better and more fun than they were last season, but ...

Which Is Scarier, Space Or The Ocean? The Great Debate

July 20, 2018
A few months ago, the Deadspin staff got into one of our dumber and more protracted debates (a ...

The Line Between Combatants And Civilians Has Never Been So Thin

July 20, 2018
This piece is part of a recurring series that aims to be a complete guide to the laws ...

Liz Cambage Isn't Cooling Down Anytime Soon

July 20, 2018
Liz Cambage did not have any trouble coming up with an encore. In her first game after her ...

Friday's Best Deals: Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, Wayfair Home Decor, Instant Pot, and More

July 20, 2018
Huge sales at Nordstrom and Wayfair, $25 off an Instant Pot, and many more kick off today’s best ...

Two Umpires Suspended After Teaming Up To Make Worst Call In History

July 20, 2018
A Mexican League game between the Diablos Rojos del México and the Algodoneros de Union Laguna on July ...

Kotaku Blizzard Is Sorry World Of Warcraft Patch 8.0 Messed Up The Game | io9 Iron Fist Is Bringing

July 20, 2018
Kotaku Blizzard Is Sorry World Of Warcraft Patch 8.0 Messed Up The Game | io9 Iron Fist Is Bringing a ...

If Women's Media Is a Scam, How Come Nobody Ever Calls Sports Media a Scam?

July 20, 2018
At any point on any day, I can turn on my TV and with one click of a ...